Accreditation Services

Our accreditation services are available for organisations, institutions and course providers who deliver professional development learning in graphic design and related subjects through online and on-site courses and training. We have a robust system for evaluating and accrediting course providers. Our accreditation and evaluation fees are divided into two categories which are £2500 for individual online course providers and £3850 for larger organisations plus £650 per course delivered.

If you would like to apply for our accreditation service you should contact us directly so we can send you our application for the accreditation pack which must be completed and sent back to us before we approve taking this forward. There will be an initial £250 review fee which will be deducted from the total accreditation fee once the process has been completed.

Our accreditation focuses solely on Professional Graphic Design Courses and related ones only. If you are unsure if your course is covered within our criteria, please contact us to discuss.